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May 15, 2013


Rebekah Halpern

Wow I loved the photos in her book .... One of my favorite past times going to flea markets and old shops in Europe. Looking at the photos brought not only moments of nostalgia but sparked that bargin hunter spirit. There is nothing like the thrill of finding a treasure and bargaining for it. Wondering about an objects previous course and adventures is always fun and whimsical. Even the simplest photos brought back amazing memories: finding hidden drawers of shell and bone buttons in dresser drawers in Greece, old coins in the bottom of an oil filled drum of copper in Turkey. Buying a purse in a shop in Paris and finding an old
Love letter...how I miss the charming simplicity of my youth. Looking through the pages was like a mini vacation, a vase of sweet peas and a jolt to my wonderlust all rolled into a 15 minute sojourn!

Jill Lee-Jones

Looks like a beautiful book...would love to have...thanks for the giveaway!

Teri Golden

Tables on the front cover are lovely! I would love to see the textiles & linen section. pick me! pick me!

Mary Puccetti

Brings a sense of comfort, just lovely.

Laura Adams

This book looks like pure heaven, I would love to win it!

Debie  Pettry

The Paris Apartment blog changed my life.It was my entry into a world of blogs and the creative souls behind them that celebrated beauty and inspired me to look at the world in a new way.

Alice Øvig

En smuk bog. A beautiful book. Would love to have it here in Denmark. I find your blog so very inspirering. Tanks for sharing.


That chaise lounge makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful! Good luck, everyone:)


There is nothing about The Paris Apartment that I do not like! Has become a staple of of my life!


Hi, Robyn. I have her app (hoping that I will make good use of it if I ever get the opportunity to go to Paris). I am sure her book is as lovely as her blog.

Suzanne Newhouse

Hello! - I have followed your blog for several years it is beautiful and inspiring. I am a florist and urban gardener. I love old, odd and unusual.This book is all of that! It would be a lovely addition to any library. Thank you for sharing your work.


I want it, need it, have to have it! fabulous book.

Erin Pope Garcia

Flea markets, Paris style? Fabulous!

My Love Wedding Ring

Oooh, that looks such a gorgeous book! I love French style so will be keeping my fingers crossed!!

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